About Us

I’m De-Nice. I basically roped my girlfriends into starting this website and podcast with me. We have zero qualifications to render advice on love except for strong opinions and loud voices. Aside from that, I am trying to be an author and eventually I’ll get you something naughty you can sink your teeth into.
This is Anna Banana. She’s the hustler of the group; she’s driven, ambitious, and loves to make a profit on anything. Also, she loves cats so that makes her the most likely to be the crazy cat lady by default. She also tells me that we are very qualified to give love advice because we’ve had years of experiences in the trenches.
This is K. She’s our cheerleader and one of the sweetest souls ever. In addition to that, she’s traveled the globe, speaks three languages, and very photogenic.
Finally, this is Jiggy. She’s the spitfire, full of energy and moxie. She’s also hopelessly oblivious to pop culture and any type of foul language besides the top three (the D-word, S-word, and F-word).